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Meet JasonL – proudly powered by Octet

Blog By Brett Isenberg – 20 November 2018

Since 2009, JasonL has been “your furniture mate”, delivering full-service office furniture fit outs and growing to become an industry leader. Australian owned and operated, JasonL has long been an Octet partner, helping them to continually achieve their business goals and keep looking forward. We met with co-founder, owner and CFO, Marc Levin to hear about how Octet has played a role in their success.

Starting out

“Our business has been growing 30%, year on year. And Octet has been fundamental to our growth.”

Marc and his brother Jason started their business together nine years ago importing and distributing their own office furniture for small and medium-sized businesses.

When they partnered with Octet in 2011, JasonL was still a relatively young business. They sought a finance solution from Octet for a number of reasons – first and foremost it was for working capital.

An unsecured trade finance facility provided their business with the growth capital that allowed them to increase buying power and step up their game.

Growing, growing, gone

“Initially we partnered with Octet because of finance. But it’s become so much more than that.”

Beyond the finance itself, JasonL has found the platform highly useful in terms of their supplier relationships. Octet has enabled relationships with their suppliers to become closer and more responsive. It’s made their processes more efficient and transparent, giving JasonL control over all the paperwork floating going back and forth, streamlining their accounting function.

Meanwhile, they have more options for how to make final payments to suppliers. This added flexibility in the cash flow process, allowing them to juggle their economy as a small business, has been hugely beneficial for them. One of their funding sources are their credit cards, which they can use on payments even overseas, a new feature of the platform that has allowed them to earn valuable points and spend them when needed.

Octet’s support has really powered JasonL to carry on growing and pushing the envelope.”

The support of the Octet team has allowed JasonL to harness the full power of the platform and finances. A prime example of this can be seen in onboarding suppliers with the digital platform, following Octet’s specialist, local staff explaining the function and benefits of the system to JasonL’s suppliers across Asia.

Throuh Octet’s support, the business has shaved down their timelines dramatically. According to Marc, with the combined power of Octet’s inhouse support team and the digital wallet, their supply and transaction timeline has been made more efficient by at least four weeks. This is an asset not only to their business, but also their customers, who don’t have to wait as long on stock to come in for their office fit out.

Our future and Octet

“Partnering with Octet has been vital up until now and as we pursue further growth, it’s definitely an ace up our sleeve.”

The history of JasonL and Octet’s relationship paints a picture of what’s to come. Marc shares that the longer their business has been with Octet, the better their understanding, the more they’ve gotten out of it and the more the partnership has grown – a positive knock on effect.

JasonL aspires to become a national player in our industry, with showrooms in every major city. Based on the success that Octet has already witnessed JasonL achieve, we look forward to being part of seeing these future goals become a reality.

“When anyone is thinking of fitting out their offices – JasonL will be the go-to.”

Visit to see the interview with Marc Levin from JasonL.