Octet’s latest business guide, The Power of Influence, now available

by Duncan Khoury , May 08 2019

Octet is excited to announce the publication of our latest guide from the Powering Business series, entitled The Power of Influence.

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Created to bring valuable insights and information to businesses across industries, this issue takes a focused look at how people can build and exercise their influence in a productive way.

Anchoring our research and argumentation are interviews with two Sydney-based individuals who’ve been phenomenal in using influence to further their careers: Brett Kelly and Dave Schebesta.

Introducing Brett Kelly

Having been in the finance game for over 20 years, Brett Kelly has rubbed shoulders with some of Australia’s most influential business leaders. Opening in 2006 with one small office in Sydney, Kelly+Partners Chartered Accountants now has 14 locations in Australia, with an office in Hong Kong.

Brett has written four best-selling books and has interviewed such figures as Imelda Roche, Bob Hawke and Harry Triguboff to glean wisdom and uncover what makes them exceptional.

In an important chapter of The Power of Influence, Brett Kelly’s uses his finance acuity to shed light on the interplay between capital and influence. He illustrates how being adequately funded can help businesses expand and exercise their influence.

Say hello to Fred Schebesta

Fred Schebesta is the co-founder and director of He’s a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, having started his first company at just 22. Built on a vision of “helping the world make better decisions”, Finder has grown from a website comparing local finance products to an international platform, comparing everything from insurance to energy to travel.

A published author, blogger and media commentator to boot, Fred’s latest projects have been in cryptocurrency. Following the launch of the cryptocurrency OTC brokerage,, his next project is the creation of Australia’s first crypto bank.

To support leaders doing business on a global scale, we take a look at how cultural differences can affect the way we go about using influence. This comparative section of the guide is underpinned by Fred’s knowledge, having expanded to become an international platform with offices around the world.

The do’s and don’ts of influence

The Power of Influence takes a focused look at what traits make someone influential. In order to make the information more tangible and relatable, we present examples of other relevant personalities and events. A host of famous faces from Oprah Winfrey to Elon Musk are examined to discover what can be learned from their stories.

In doing so, we also expose some common misconceptions people have and mistakes people make around influence. For the sake of being balanced and thorough, the guide comes to a close by looking at how influence may be used in a negative way. As the final piece of the puzzle, our attention focuses on what to be mindful of and where problems can arise.

Whether you’re a business leader looking to better manage your team, an employee with aspirations of rising through the ranks or anyone with an interest in gaining interpersonal skills, this guide is for you. Octet hopes that you’ll find the piece to be a valuable resource.


Duncan Khoury

Head of Marketing

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