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Australian Financial Review: Start-ups say proposed R&D restrictions ‘lack logic’

by Brett Isenberg , October 10 2016

Octet’s Chief Technology Officer, Michael Rom, weighs in on government changes to the research and development tax incentives with the AFR.

Start-up founders are pushing back against recommended changes to the research and development tax incentives, criticising the focus on big business and saying the proposed limitations for small companies would force some companies offshore.

The R&D Tax Incentive Review has proposed a cap of $2 million in cash claims per year for small businesses, as a way to limit the rapidly growing number of claims being made by start-ups.

But these incentives have always been applauded by the sector, which time and time again has pushed for them to be increased, not decreased, crediting them as the most effective boost to the ecosystem.

To read more head to the Australian Financial Review

In the media

Brett Isenberg

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