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Octet Supply Chain Platform – now with BPAY

Blog By Duncan Khoury – 28 May 2021

When it comes to finding the best working capital solution for your business, there’s a lot to consider. Flexibility, security, ease of use and cost are just some of the key considerations. Finding what works for your business and your business’ goals will give you the freedom to power your business growth. 

At Octet, we’re all about putting our member experience first and helping you to find the finance that works best for your business. 

Our holistic approach to improving cash flow takes your entire supply chain into account. We always consider both sides of the transaction, and we understand the critical timing challenges around both incoming and outgoing funds. So no matter how unique or complex your supply chain is, we have a solution to boost your cash flow and power your business growth.

And now, our customers can also use BPAY, which means your domestic payment opportunities have significantly increased. It’s just one more way our market-leading platform can help make your business’ transactions safer and more efficient. 

Beyond traditional banking

While traditional bank finance typically covers one side of a transaction, most organisations need more from their business working capital solution. Ours takes a holistic view of the entire supply chain, meaning genuine business benefits can be achieved – more efficiently. Whether it’s negotiating better payment terms or securing discounts through advance payments, taking a big picture view of your supply chain can significantly boost your cash flow position. 

“Traditional banks typically take a one-dimensional view of any given transaction, but we look beyond that. We understand that our members are part of a fluid, and at times, volatile supply chain ecosystem, which helps us to fully appreciate and address their unique cash flow issues. To help businesses of all sizes, we’ve created flexible line of credit-based working capital solutions that enable them to manage the entire process – and it works seamlessly with their everyday business functions.” – Brett Isenberg, Chief Commercial Officer at Octet

Octet’s Supply Chain Platform also digitises the process, with powerful technology features that give both you and your suppliers a transparent and seamless experience. 

Flexible cash flow finance for your business

Our Supply Chain Platform will power your business, enabling you to scale to the next level. The end-to-end system features solutions driven by flexible, revolving lines of credit that will inject liquidity into your supply chain and accelerate your growth. 

Here are ten ways the platform works to amplify your cash flow:

1. Transaction consolidation

Use just one platform to track all trade and orders across your supply chain, end-to-end. Replace costly, inefficient manual processes, reduce errors and expedite payments. 

2. Transparent FX rates

Make international payments in other currencies with no complications or surprises. Know exactly how much you’ll pay, based on the current spot rate, before you authorise any transactions. You’ll also have access to market-leading foreign exchange rates.

3. Clear visibility of transactions

Both you and your suppliers use the same centralised system, so it’s easy for both parties to monitor the progress of any given transaction. 

4. Secure process automation

We store all documents centrally, and each stage of the transaction can only progress once the relevant party uploads the correct documentation. 

5. Peace-of-mind transfers

Embedded industry-leading KYC and AML practices ensure your money will always reach its destination, and you’ll always have a clear paper trail of the process. 

6. Clear communication between parties

The platform is available in multiple languages, ensuring you avoid the language barrier issues that can arise when transacting international business. 

7. Flexible payment methods 

Use multiple payment methods for each transaction, with the option to combine your existing funding sources such as bank accounts or credit cards with an Octet finance facility. You can also split payments between these sources to take advantage of any interest-free offers.  

8. Ability to negotiate better terms

Early payment may enable you to negotiate better terms with your suppliers, such as prompt payment discounts. You can then potentially use those discounts to cover the cost of any Octet facility. 

9. Cover for both sides of the transaction

No matter what side of the supply chain you’re on, Octet has a funding solution for your business.

10. Ability to capture opportunities

Take advantage of unexpected business opportunities as they arise with the flexibility and freedom to access funds whenever you need them.

Now including BPAY 

The Octet Supply Chain Platform now officially includes BPAY functionality*. BPAY facilitates effortless online payments, and is considered Australia’s most widely used bill payment service. Offering this additional flexible payment option allows an extra level of convenience for you, your vendors and suppliers. 

Are you ready for a powerful supply chain finance program?

Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help simplify your supply chain, boost your cash flow and power your business growth.


Disclaimer: * Octet reserves the right to dishonour any BPAY payment requests that do not meet our requirements at our sole discretion. These requirements include some industries, billers and any other reasons that do not meet our lending criteria and policies.

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