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Meet Aerison – resourced for success

Case Study By Duncan Khoury – 31 7月 2019
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Aerison are a leading Australian provider of engineering and construction solutions to the mining, oil, gas and environmental industries. Based in WA, for 30 years they’ve been executing multi-disciplinary services for projects around the country.

With a fully-integrated offering that spans design, manufacturing, installation, commission and maintenance, Aerison have set themselves apart in their field. Octet met with Chief Financial Officer, Wallace Li, to talk about our collaboration and how they’ve been able to escalate their growth trajectory.

A well-oiled partnership

Octet provides Aerison with trade finance and trade payable facilities. “We first got involved with Octet to access working capital for newly purchased business,” Li shares. In time, however, Octet’s level of support has developed to go far beyond funding.

Octet’s proprietary platform has become a part of everyday operations for Li and his team, streamlining transactions while reducing room for confusion and risk: “The Octet online platform is seamless and transparent. All the information is on there for us to look at. It’s definitely made our life a lot easier.”

Tech-innovations like the Octet supply chain platform have changed the way businesses like Aerison operate, for the better. Yet a human touch is still something that can’t be replaced.

Li observes, “One of the best things about Octet is the access to support and the friendliness of their staff. If I see an issue, I contact my counterparts from Octet and we solve the problem together.”

Digging deeper

This dedicated personal support helps take the weight off Li in his role as CFO, “Octet is a safety net for our business, that’s for sure.”

For any organisation, no matter how established, there are always going to be difficult times or challenges arising. In moments like these, Aerison can manage and mitigate potentially stressful surprises.

Li recalls, “A couple of years ago, the company was in a difficult position, and Octet offered a solution to help us go back to the industry with available funds.”

Aerison proves that, with the right support and options up their sleeve, strong businesses can bounce back from down periods, “Since 2017, we’ve experienced 60 percent growth. That’s exciting.”

Engineered for growth

In order to really reap the rewards of growth – and avoid the pains – businesses need the capital to keep up with their development.

Li shares, “Growth generally comes with working capital requirements. Octet gives us peace of mind that we can go out on a limb and ensure we can deliver financially.”

In order to meet their changing needs, Aerison required funding that could scale up with them – something Octet was glad to provide.

Striking gold

Growth is about seizing opportunities, and sometimes it means not letting obstacles stand in the way of ambition. Having the right funding at your disposal can arm you with the security and confidence to do just that.

Li recollects a recent situation in which Octet helped give Aerison the all-important foothold they needed to close a major deal:

Octet recently helped us secure a tier-one contract – our flagship project. We went through quite a bit of scrutiny from the client in terms of our financial capabilities. Octet’s willingness to scale the facility up really helped us to win the contract.

With support from Octet support in their arsenal, Aerison looks set to continue their business momentum for a long time to come.

Octet gives us the power to do business on our terms. I’d recommend Octet to any business, because of the flexibility, the transparency and the willingness to cooperate with your business to meet future needs.


Want to power your growing business