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  • Stop looking for change behind the couch

    You have spent years helping your clients operate. But with traditional growth funding sources becoming out of reach for more businesses, you need to find new ways of helping your clients grow.

  • When your clients grow, so do you

    Offer your clients more ways to purchase, spend and flourish. Octet Finance gives them an online supply chain financing platform, a global network of suppliers to tap into, and a ready source of growth funding that makes it easier for them to buy, and easier for you to advise.

  • Join the Octet network and grow

    We work with accounting firms, brokers and business advisors to help you get a leg up on your competitors. By offering your clients a new way to fund their supply chain, import new goods and fund their receivables, you can provide a real point of difference over rivals and ensure your clients remain loyal.

  • Do it all with the Octet supply chain platform

    Your clients can pay any supplier, anywhere with the Octet platform and give you complete visibility over the entire supply chain, or draw down cash to pay any business expense. Exchange documents with suppliers and track, validate and authorize each step of the chain, all online.

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