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Global trade. Transformed.

The Octet platform gives you the security and transparency you need to transact competitively with businesses around the world. Whether your buyers are next door, or a thousand miles away, you’ll get paid on day one, in your own currency, without worrying about what payments to accept.

From purchase order, to proof of delivery, validate and authorize each step of the transaction with a few clicks, all online. Access documentation across the entire supply chain in a click to lower your risk, and speed up trade. Octet is the most powerful way for global manufacturers to deal with global buyers easily.

Business without the miscommunication.

There’s countless speed bumps to selling your goods, from regulation, to payments, to language. With support for more than five languages, the Octet platform can help you trade competitively and successfully without worrying about translation.

The Octet platform gives you the power to trade more, with less personal risk. Backed by global banking standards including KYC and AML requirement, Octet ensures safe and quick global transactions.

Offer your customers early payment discounts and easier terms without needing to finance credit from your own pocket or letter of credit terms.

30,000 members and counting on the Octet network

Join the Octet network and connect with your customers and suppliers on one platform. With the globally renowned Octet platform, you can manage your entire supply chain, from purchase order, in one place. And once you’re registered, you can export any buyer around the world, with just one account.

Forget the miscommunication and accelerate your business with Octet.

How it works


Join the Octet network and provide necessary information to get started

Exchange documents

Securely transact and track all purchasing documents, from purchase orders through to invoices, all online

Sign up once and trade any time

Once registered, you can export goods to any buyer in the Octet network, and get paid on day one.



  • Accept any payment

    Give customers the flexibility to pay how they want, from credit cards to overdraft or lines of credit. We take care of the payment process so you’ll get paid, no matter what.

  • Get paid faster

    With Octet, your customers can pay on day one instead of day 30, so you get paid faster, and customers get goods quicker, while keeping beneficial credit terms.

  • Do business in your language and currency

    Forget fiddly foreign exchange calculators and Google Translate. No matter where your customer is, Octet allows you to do business in your language, and get paid in your currency of choice.

  • Track and validate your supply chain

    Track, validate and authorize each step of your customer’s journey through the Octet supply chain financing platform and keep all supporting documents in one secure location online. Bank-level security processes reduce the risk for your business.

  • Reduce credit risk

    Don’t worry about if you’ll get paid and when, or setting up letters of credit. Every business and supplier is vetted against global banking standards, so you can be assured you know who you’re dealing with.

  • Offer rewards points

    Encourage your customers to use Octet, and they’ll be able to earn valuable rewards points on their credit card or via a line of credit. All the more reason to do business with you.

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