What if you could get the loan to suit your business?

Unsecured credit. Secured loans. Receivables finance. Asset Based Finance. All in one place.

Fund your business supply chain with the right loan or funding option. Get revolving, unsecured lines of credit, secured asset based loans or receivables financing to buy goods or services, pay your suppliers and grow your business

  • Pay global suppliers, expenses or make disbursements with any funding source

  • Schedule or batch bill payments in a few clicks

  • Tap into live, competitive foreign exchange feeds

  • Do all your payments without leaving the Octet Environment

What if you could use your current credit card for more than just travel and entertainment?

Pay anyone, at any time, with your business’ most powerful tool through Octet Express

Tap into your Mastercard, Visa or American Express card to fund your supply chain and grow your business today. Pay your suppliers now, and negotiate early settlement discounts to help grow your business.

  • Pay any supplier globally on day one

  • Get highly competitive live foreign exchange rates

  • Use your card’s interest free terms on purchases

  • Avoid international credit card transfer fees

  • Earn reward points for your business

  • Remove expensive short term loans

What if your business could transcend country borders?

Pay global suppliers on day one

Transact with all your suppliers, local and global, through the world-leading Octet platform. Track each step of the supply chain process, from purchase order to settlement, and store all your purchasing documents in the cloud.

  • Track and authorise your supply chain in the cloud

  • Enhance communication and negotiate seamlessly with suppliers

  • Utilise anti-fraud security to keep your business safe

  • Get complete visibility over your supply chain process

  • Pool your funding sources in one location

Watch how Octet helps your business

With Octet, you can...

  • Bridge cash flow gaps

    Stop hitting pause on your business — bridge your cash flow gaps with an unsecured loan for up to 120 days so you can keep your day-to-day running.

  • Grow your business

    Buy what you need to grow your business, when you’re ready. Combine your credit cards, lines of credit and an additional lending facility to increase your available capital and your buying power.

  • Get competitive exchange rates

    Access sharp rates from multiple foreign exchange partners straight from the Octet platform in real-time, and get the best rate on global payments.

  • Earn reward points

    Earn points for every dollar you spend with your credit cards on Octet. Earn Qantas Business Reward points for every dollar spent with an unsecured Octet credit facility.

  • Pay your suppliers now, with a discount

    Pay your suppliers today using one of Octet’s payment options, and negotiate an early settlement discount with greater buying power.

  • Have your supply chain in one place

    Manage, track and authorise your entire supply chain in the cloud in one platform, from purchase orders and invoicing to shipping & payment. Remove barriers and speak to your supplier in the same language.

$2 billion transacted in 72 countries, and counting

The Octet platform gives you and your suppliers the freedom to transact securely to anywhere in the world, any time you want
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