Working Capital SolutionsSupply Chain Accelerate

  • Unsecured, off-balance sheet source of funding.
  • Settle 100% of your supplier invoices upfront, while you can repay 30, 60 or 90 days later.
  • Your supplier benefits from getting paid instantly, whilst you get an extension on your existing payment terms.
  • Track and manage the supply chain process through our intuitive supply chain platform.
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Negotiate smarterAccess a revolutionary working capital solution

Power to access

Supply Chain Accelerate is a fast, flexible working capital solution unlike anything available to medium-large Australian businesses.

It settles 100% of your supplier invoices upfront, while you can pay 60 or 90 days later, with the cost worn by either party or split as a percentage.

It’s the short-term funding solution you’ve been waiting for – optimising working capital for both you and your supplier and giving you the power to negotiate early payment discounts.

Power to collaborate

Supply Chain Accelerate benefits both sides of any business transaction. It enables you to get an extension on your existing payment terms, while your supplier benefits from getting paid instantly.

The bottom line is increased cash flow, more liquidity and, ultimately, risk mitigation for the entire supply chain.

Power of visibility

Our platform enables you to track each critical step of the supply chain process, from procurement to payment, order to cash. It stores and validates all of the important documents required at each stage, giving you and your supplier full transactional visibility.

Power of global security

When you join the platform, we’ll vet you and your suppliers to comply with global banking standards. We’ll also help you reduce risk by securing the transaction, keeping your data safe and using anti-fraud technology.

In short, we make global trade fast, safe and simple.

Supply Chain Accelerate How it works

Supplier uploads invoices

Supplier uploads invoices to Octet and requests payment

Buyer approves invoices

Buyer reviews invoices and authorises payment

Octet pays the supplier

Octet transfers authorised amount less agreed transaction fees into sellers bank account

Buyer pays Octet

Buyer later pays the full authorised amount to Octet on a mutually agreed date

Get started with Supply Chain Accelerate




Transaction fee (1.20%)


Early settlement discount (1.00%)


Actual transaction cost


Effective interest rate**


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*This is an indication of the facility for which you may be eligible, but not an offer. Credit, other criteria and Octet's general terms and conditions (available upon request) apply. **Effective interest rate based upon agreed payment terms, fees and discount.


*Total amount receivable Today


Transaction fee (3.40%)



Paid upfront with Supply Chain Accelerate


Compared to traditional Debtor Finance

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*This is an indication of the maximum amount receivable, less applicable fee. Octet's general terms and conditions (available upon request) apply.

Improve your business partnerships

  • Increases cash flow
  • Extends your days payable outstanding (DPO) by lengthening your actual payment terms to 60 or 90 days
  • Provides an off-balance sheet source of funding as it’s not classified as debt
  • Enhances your balance sheet metrics
  • Enables you to comply with existing bank covenants
  • Mitigates supply chain disruptions by allowing the supplier to access inexpensive financing on the back of your credit rating
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  • Reduces their days sales outstanding (DSO) by getting paid early
  • Means no assignment of debt – unlike other Supply Chain offerings in the market, where the financier takes an assignment of debt over all of the supplier’s assets
  • Improves their working capital ratios
  • Enhances your balance sheet metrics
  • Improves their balance sheet position by lowering their receivables balance, since Supply Chain Accelerate payments aren’t treated as debts
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Unlock your business' negotiating power

Take advantage of the competitive edge that Supply Chain Accelerate gives you against competitors in your industry.

Your Supply Chain Accelerate questions answered

  • Will my business qualify?

    To qualify, your business will need to provide a copy of your recent, audited financials, which we’ll check against our internal credit rating.

  • Do I need to provide security or personal guarantees?

    No. Supply Chain Accelerate is secured against the performance of your business. Therefore, we don’t typically require a charge over your personal or business assets.

  • Why doesn’t my bank consider this to be a loan?

    Supply Chain Accelerate does not typically sit (be recognised) on your balance sheet. We assume the liability to the supplier and the overall liability is not modified. Additionally, we do not charge interest or take out personal guarantees. Banks offer their own off-balance-sheet Supply Chain Accelerate solution, which is typically reserved for institutional customers.

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