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Experience the certainty ofSecure supply chain transactions

Security is a cornerstone of our platform. It’s part of our business’ DNA, because keeping both you and your data safe is paramount.

That means we keep every step in the supply chain process secure; both physically and digitally. All of our information systems are certified with best-in-market practices. And all members undergo thorough checking too, so you can trust whoever you’re dealing with.

Complete peace of mind for you.

Secure Your Data

Know your data is secure

You know your data’s protected, because Bureau Veritas have certified all of our information systems as ISO 27001:2013. From data integrity to data privacy and disaster recovery planning, you can rely on us to keep your data safe.

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Transact with confidence

Sleep easy, knowing that we verify every stage of every transaction. Any change of critical data, like a bank account, triggers an internal review. When that happens, we won’t apply the change without a policy-driven level of approval.

That means you can feel confident that your money’s going to its intended destination.

Trust your trading partner

Relax in the certainty that we’ve extensively verified all members transacting on our platform. Our established, industry-leading Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) and Economic Trade Sanctions (ETS) processes reduce the risk for all parties in our network.

So, you can rest easy knowing your trading partner’s legitimate.

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Take your business global

Our Trade Finance facility makes it easier to expand your business overseas. Pay suppliers anywhere around the world in 15 currencies at competitive FX rates, all from our secure platform.

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Supply Chain Accelerate

Access a revolution working capital solution

Harness the power of safe, short-term funding with Supply Chain Accelerate. We’ll fund 100% of your supplier invoices upfront, while giving you 90 days to repay. Plus we reduce your risk via secure transactions and anti-fraud technology.

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“Octet lets us trade securely with our international partners at better exchange rates than the big banks.”

Financial Controller,
Healthcare business, Sydney, NSW

Power your business with secure transactions

  • Trust in your business partner. No matter where they’re based around the world, we verify all members with stringent security checks and controls.
  • Stay safe from scammers. Our security policies mean multiple people need to check and approve every critical change, e.g. onboarding and bank account amends.
  • Protect your data. All our information systems use best-in-class firewalls, encryption, hardware and procedures to keep your data secure.
  • Enjoy peace of mind. All our products have been built with a security-first mindset.
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