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Power to operateSupply chain finance in the transport & logistics industry

Your ability to fund core expenses, like tyres, fuel and wages is constantly under pressure thanks to long periods waiting for debtor payments.

It’s time to re-focus on growing your transport and logistics business, instead of worrying about cash flow.

Our working capital solutions for the transport industry can help you take advantage of the hidden opportunities in your supply chain.

Power to keep Moving

Power to keep moving

Imagine improving productivity in your business, relieving cash flow strain and closing the gap to meeting your financial obligations – monthly tax instalments, staff wages and vehicle upkeep.

Receive up to 85% of your unpaid invoices with our innovative Debtor Finance solution. Access your funds within 24 hours to keep your business moving.

Power to be flexible

Power to be flexible

Does your bank require you to secure your business financing with your own personal property? This is an inflexible form of funding, as it’s tied to your property’s value, not your business growth.

Our Debtor Finance solution is an innovative and flexible option that grows in line with your business. Debtor Finance lets you draw down funds from your unpaid invoices to leverage the cash that’s currently tied up in your supply chain.

The bottom line is increased cash flow, more liquidity and, ultimately, less risk for the entire supply chain.

Supply chain improvement initiatives

Power to grow

It costs a lot to keep you on the road – wages, fuel, tyres, maintenance…and the list goes on. When coupled with increasingly extended customer payment terms, it means your cash flow is constantly under pressure.

Don’t let ongoing, essential costs hold you back from steady and sustainable business growth.

Our Trade Finance facility gives you a cash flow injection when you need it, then allows you to repay us over time.

Powering the transport industry

Octet has all of your supply chain and business funding needs in one place. Now you can better manage your cash flow, grow your business and leverage global opportunities.

Increase your purchasing power

  • Increase your purchasing power
  • Enjoy up to 120-day repayment terms, and up to 60 interest-free days
  • Pay any deposit requirements on international orders
  • Access 100% funding
  • Potential to earn Qantas Points
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Relieve cash flow strain

  • Relieve cash flow strain
  • Access funding of up to 85% on unpaid invoices within 24 hours
  • Diversify your funding sources without relying on banks
  • Take advantage of a funding limit that grows with your business
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“Our account manager was very responsive. He took the time to build a relationship and understand our business. It didn’t just stop at us as their client – they got to know our clients and how they work with us too. So the Octet team was supportive of our peak seasons, when we needed extra funding, etc. There was a very positive energy from the beginning and it’s a big reason why we ended up partnering with them.”

Jackson Meyer, Group CEO,
Verus Global
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It’s time toPower your business

Get the power to grow on your terms with our supply chain finance solutions.

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