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  • Use your credit cards to pay any business invoice, anywhere.
  • Utilise our market leading FX rates when paying your overseas suppliers.
  • Earn rewards points or cashback promotions whilst paying supplier invoices.
  • Support for the following credit cards:

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How to make a cross-border payment


Both you and your supplier register on our secure online platform

Add existing funding sources

Add your credit cards, debit cards and existing bank accounts to your OctetPay

Submit your order

Create an order with your supplier, upload the appropriate documentation and request acceptance from your supplier

Pay the deposit

Optionally process your deposit payment through our platform using your chosen funding source/s

Track your order

Enjoy visibility across the entire supply chain with, all the important order steps and documents recorded in our platform

Get started with cross-border payments


Amount payable

Amount payable

1,000,000 USD = 1,430,360 AUD

Transaction fee**

35,759 AUD

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* Amount payable calculated using the Octet Customer Rate, which is an estimated rate based off the current Market Rate and including our margin, but excluding any fees (if applicable). ** Transaction fee is indicative only and may vary depending upon your selected payment source.

Discover how our cross-border payments platform powers JasonL

“We want to have showrooms in each major city and be the go-to office furniture supplier. Octet is a partner for the journey of our business life. It’s definitely an ace up our sleeve, whenever we need it. As the business grows I have no doubt we’ll have Octet there.”

Marc Levin, Co-founder and CFO
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Pay smarter across borders with your funding source choice

Power to access

Want to use your own funding sources to pay local or international suppliers who don’t accept them? Looking for an alternative to your bank’s traditional payment methods?

Now there’s a way.

With the Octet Platform you can use your existing credit or debit cards to pay suppliers. Our closed, secure platform enables you to ‘fund’ your transactions however you like, while paying your suppliers however they like to be paid.

Power to operate

Say goodbye to international payment uncertainty for your suppliers. Say hello to price predictability. Octet will pay your suppliers upfront in their choice of up to 15 currencies, whilst you can repay us using a range of funding sources, accessing bank-beating FX rates.

Power to feel certain

One of the trickiest things in any new business deal is knowing whether you can trust a supplier you’ve never met. Conversely, how does a seller know that their buyer is real? We solve this issue by thoroughly verifying all members.

That means, no matter which side of the equation you’re on, you can trust you’re dealing with the legitimate and correct business – at home or overseas.

Power to earn rewards

Not only can your business benefit from improved cash flow and working capital management, but you can get rewarded for it concurrently.

Use the terms of your existing credit card and earn the points or rewards it offers. Meanwhile, you could be eligible to earn additional Qantas Business Reward points whenever you use an Octet Trade Finance facility to pay suppliers within our platform.

More about Rewards

Why choose our cross-border payments platform?

  • Get access to your cash much faster than a bank can offer.
  • Access your money without security.
  • Improve cash flow and power business growth.
  • As your receivables grow, so does your availability.
  • Diversify funding while relying less on banks.
  • Make your business self-replenishing.
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Make payments
flexible for your business

Almost every business can benefit from our simple, secure cross-border payments platform. If you want to pay a supplier using your credit or debit card as security or simply wish to pay straight from your bank account, our platform brings power to your supply chain process.

Your OctetPay questions answered

  • Can I pay suppliers based overseas?

    Yes. We currently pay suppliers across 65 countries in over 15 global currencies.

  • Do I gain access to competitive Foreign Exchange (FX)?

    Yes. We offer highly competitive FX rates, updated on our trading platform every 60 seconds. With a single click, we purchase the FX at the agreed rate and pay your seller in their choice of 15 currencies, while you pay us in your chosen funding source’s currency.

  • What information do I need to provide to start using the platform?

    Because you’re using your existing credit card (or other funding source), we won’t need to perform a credit assessment. So as soon as you register, and we perform our required regulatory checks, you can start using our platform.

  • How long will it take to set-up and pay my supplier?

    Set-up normally takes 2-3 days. Then, once your supplier has registered, you’ll be able to pay them immediately.

  • Can I use multiple credit cards?

    Yes. Adding multiple cards is one of the innovative features of our platform. Simply upload your American Express, Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards, and we’ll store them for you in our secure vault. When it’s time to transact, your cards are ready to go. Simply select the funding split and authorise the order in a single click to avoid missing your ideal FX rate.

  • Will my supplier know I’ve paid by credit card or bank account?

    No. We make an advance to the supplier using our own funds, which is what your supplier will see. They’ll never see your credit card details or the funding source you chose. They’ll simply get their money however they want it paid, while you get to pay them using your chosen source.

  • If I’m paying with my credit card, do I pay you back or my card issuer?

    You pay back your card supplier. When you authorise a transaction, we’ll charge your selected funding source. If there is sufficient credit, we’ll make an advance payment to the supplier from our own funds, and then shortly receive repayment from your funding source. We’re simply the transaction platform, while the financial institution who provided your card or bank account is your credit provider.

It’s time to Power your business

Start using your credit card to pay local and cross-border suppliers through our secure platform.

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