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Cross-border paymentsmade easy

Simplify your overseas trades. Our international payment wallet creates quick, easy transactions across borders.

Just authorise payment and we’ll handle the entire process from there. We’ll charge your card or bank account, buy the required currency, and then settle the foreign funds into your supplier’s bank account.

No complications. No fuss.

Simple, one-click international payments

Make your international payments with a single click. We handle the FX purchase using your nominated funding source(s); then we pay the supplier in their invoice currency, with up to 15 currencies available across 72 countries.

Highly competitive FX rates

Lock in competitive FX rates for international payments, with rates that are updated from the spot market every 60 seconds. Or use an existing third-party currency provider’s forward exchange contract to fund your payment.

Save with same-day settlements

Every business likes prompt payment. Take advantage of our same-business-day settlements to strengthen relationships with your suppliers. You may even get to negotiate early settlement discounts.

Access your own funding sources

Make cross-border payments using your existing credit or debit cards, even if your supplier doesn’t accept them.

Plus, link up your Octet Trade Finance and Debtor Finance facilities to your Digital Wallet. Then simply select your preferred funding source, while paying your supplier via their preferred method.

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Increase liquidity with Supply Chain Accelerate

Improve your cash flow with the flexibility of our Supply Chain Accelerate solution. Access an extension in your existing supplier credit terms with the peace of mind that comes from knowing we’ve verified all members to global banking standards.

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How Wittner benefits from
International Payments

“One of the things I was surprised about, was how easy it was to actually set up the Octet platform. Not only here in Australia, but surprisingly, in China, in our factories. The fact that Octet has offices in multiple countries was of enormous value.

Michael Wittner, CEO
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Power business expansion with international payments

  • Use your own funding source – or any of our products – to pay your transactions in your supplier’s nominated currency.
  • Know exactly how much you’ll be paying with FX rates locked in at the time of authorisation.
  • Negotiate supplier discounts with the capability to make same-day settlements.
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