Finance solutionsfor the construction and engineering industries

Power to trade Supply chain finance in construction and engineering

As banks tighten their lending criteria, construction and engineering businesses like yours need flexible finance solutions more than ever.

Ideally, you need a solution that strengthens your cash flow without requiring you to use personal assets as security. You also need something that empowers you to pay your suppliers faster, while still growing your business.

Our finance solutions for the engineering and construction industries will help to inject liquidity into your supply chain.

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Power to grow

Your business revenue depends on finding your next major project. So maintaining and growing a sustainable project pipeline is essential for growing your business.

But business development is hard when you have to wait on those bigger project payments.

Stop worrying about cash flow. Enjoy up to 120-day repayment terms with our Trade Finance facility and up to 90-day terms with our Supply Chain Accelerate solution.

Power to retain in industry

Power to retain top talent

Great employees and contractors are the foundation of your business. When you find them, you want to keep them on your team; but top talent comes with certain payment expectations. That can create a further cash flow challenge, especially when your clients have longer payment terms.

Our Trade Finance solution can help you close the gap between paying your staff and getting paid for the goods and services you provide.

Power to diversify funding

Getting traditional bank funding is becoming increasingly difficult for construction and engineering businesses. Project volatility and unpredictable balance sheets make banks increasingly cautious about who they lend to.

Trade Finance gives you the flexibility to look beyond the banks for funding. That means you can diversify your working capital funding options, allowing your business to scale and grow.

Powering the engineering and construction industries

Octet has all of your supply chain and business loan needs in one place. Now you can better manage your cash flow, grow your business and leverage global opportunities.

Increase your purchasing power

  • Increase your purchasing power
  • Enjoy up to 120-day repayment terms, and up to 60 interest-free days
  • Pay any deposit requirements on international orders
  • Access 100% funding
  • Potential to earn Qantas Points
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Relieve cash flow strain

  • Relieve cash flow strain
  • Access funding of up to 85% on unpaid invoices within 24 hours
  • Diversify your funding sources without relying on banks
  • Take advantage of a funding limit that grows with your business
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Increase your business cash flow

  • Increase your business cash flow
  • Extend your payment terms to 90 days
  • Enhance your financial metrics with off-balance-sheet funding
  • Avoid supply chain disruptions
  • Reduce your supplier’s liquidity risk
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Expand your business globally

  • Expand your business globally
  • Take advantage of bank-beating FX rates
  • Pay suppliers in 15 currencies anywhere around the world
  • Pay with your existing credit/debit cards, bank accounts and Octet Finance solutions
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What our partners say

“Our Chinese suppliers have a great deal of trust in the Octet platform and technology, to the point where they exclusively accept this as the source of payment. Octet’s seamless Trade Finance solution enables our relationships with suppliers by also covering the deposit, which greatly helps our overall cash flow and payments.”

Akiko Carlton, General Manager

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Get the power to grow on your terms with our supply chain finance solutions.

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