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Have you rapidly grown to become a go-to business for sourcing workers? If so, the challenge of meeting ongoing finance commitments while trying to capitalise on that growth can stifle it.

What if you could use the money that’s currently locked up in your client invoices to meet your commitments?

It’s time to ease the cash flow strain and take advantage of growth opportunities. Our Debtor Finance solution for the labour hire industry can help by giving you access to funds tied up in your unpaid invoices.

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Power to meet large wage obligations

Your business faces a cash flow conundrum. You need to regularly make large wage payments, which can fluctuate during high-demand seasons. And those fluctuations don’t match up with the payments you get from your own clients.

Our Debtor Finance solution gives you a stable working capital base that’s aligned to your sales – providing you with some breathing room around your cash flow.

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Power to capitalise on opportunities

There’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to capitalise on opportunities due to cash flow constraints. To avoid that, you need a funding solution that grows in line with your receivables.

Our flexible Debtor Finance facility empowers you to increase your funding limits each time you win a new project. So you’ll have peace of mind, knowing your peak payroll periods are sufficiently funded before they even begin. Plus, upload your ABA (or similar) files directly into our secure platform to save yourself significant time and effort.

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Power to protect personal assets

Traditional finance solutions often require you to use your personal assets as security. But who wants to put their house on the line?

With our Debtor Finance solution, you can secure funding completely independently of your Directors’ personal assets.

Powering the labour hire industry

Octet has all of your supply chain and business loan needs in one place. Now you can better manage your cash flow, grow your business and leverage global opportunities.

Relieve cash flow strain

  • Relieve cash flow strain
  • Access funding of up to 85% on unpaid invoices within 24 hours
  • Diversify your funding sources without relying on banks
  • Take advantage of a funding limit that grows with your business
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