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Our partners trust us to manage more than 200,000 B2B transactions annually across 72 countries. Help your customers do business with our turnkey supply chain finance solution for banks and other financial institutions.

Accord Financial

Leading provider of financing solutions for small and medium sized businesses in Canada and the USA.

Asiafactor Network Partner

Established supplier of receivables financing and value-added services to small and medium enterprises in China and abroad.


A city commercial bank offering financing, international payments and settlements for Chinese businesses.

Octet Trading

A critical part of the global Octet network, helping businesses around the world, particularly China, export to overseas buyers through a closed community trading network.

Octet Turkey

Providing supply chain management and a secure payment platform to small and medium sized businesses specifically in Turkey.

How our partners benefit from the Octet network

“Our partnership with Octet gives our clients a platform to trade and communicate, quickly and fluidly.”

Ang Li, Assistant President
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