Power to GrowDebtor Finance

  • Get up to 85% of your invoices paid within 24 hours.
  • Access funds without personal security.
  • As your receivables grow, so does your facility.
  • Track and manage the entire supply chain process via our innovative platform.
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Grow smarterGet up to 85% of your invoices paid now

Power to grow

Debtor Finance, often called Invoice Finance or Receivables Finance, gives you quick, painless access to funds tied up in your unpaid invoices.

Some debtors can take 60 days to pay, so converting up to 85% of your company’s invoices can deliver a much-needed cash injection. Those extra funds then empower you to capitalise on opportunities and keep your business growing.

Power to operate

Consistent cash flow is the biggest challenge for any business, large or small. The challenge only intensifies when debtors are slow to pay invoices, or when your sales are highly seasonal. Debtor Finance relieves cash flow strain and gives you access to cash when your business needs it.

Power to be flexible

Looking for an alternative to traditional real estate-secured funding, term loans or credit lines? Debtor Finance gives you the flexibility to supplement existing bank and finance lines with a facility that grows in line with your receivables.

That means your business can secure its own funding, independent of your Director(s)’ personal assets.

Power to leverage

Debtor Finance enables you to leverage the assets you already have at your fingertips – your unpaid invoices. You’ll no longer have to use your own personal real estate holdings as security for a bank overdraft to pay suppliers and expenses.

Debtor Finance How it works

Make the deal

You sell something to another business – a debtor

Raise the invoice

You send your invoices to your debtor and upload onto the Octet Platform at your selected frequency

We advance funds within 24 hours

We make up to 85% of the invoice value available on the platform. You can then choose to draw down a little, or any amount up to your available limit

Your debtor pays

Your debtor pays the invoice into a nominated bank account that we manage

You receive remaining invoice balance

We pay you the remaining invoice balance, less our fees

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Your upfront cash availability could be up to*


With funds advanced within

24 hours

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* This is an indication of the maximum debtor finance facility availability for which you may be eligible, and not an offer.

Why chooseDebtor Finance?

  • Get access to your cash much faster than a bank can offer.
  • Access your money without security.
  • Improve cash flow and power business growth.
  • As your receivables grow, so does your availability.
  • Diversify funding while relying less on banks.
  • Make your business self-replenishing.
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Harness your business potential

We offer a range of Debtor Finance solutions to suit your industry’s unique needs so you can better manage your business cash flow, operations and future planning.

See how Debtor Finance powers business

“Octet provides my business with an opportunity to grow – something the banks don’t do.”

Owner – Toy Distributor
Melbourne, VIC

Your Debtor Finance questions answered

  • Does my business qualify for Debtor Finance? 

    Our Debtor Finance facility suits a broad range of businesses from early stage, to established organisations, to businesses in difficulty. It’s also a flexible option for businesses that are experiencing losses and might be in tax arrears.

    To qualify, you’ll need to:

    • be in an industry that provides proof of debt (unfortunately the Construction industry is problematic here due to progress claims)
    • have more than one business-to-business client on your receivables ledger, with a total ledger value of $100K or greater
    • have an appropriate spread of customers
    • have at least 2 years trading history
    • have an annual turnover of at least $1 million.

    We’ll then use your credit rating to determine whether confidential or disclosed Debtor Finance suits your business best.

  • How does this compare to a bank overdraft? 

    A bank overdraft requires you to secure the funds – often with personal assets. With Debtor Finance, you don’t need to provide any personal security. Instead, your facility is secured against your business and the receivables themselves. That means every sale contributes immediately to your business success – the more sales you make, the more your working capital facility grows too.

  • How quickly will I be paid?

    Once you’ve uploaded your invoices, we’ll provide access to up to 85% of the invoice funds within 24 hours.

  • How much funding can I access?

    You can convert up to 85% of your company’s invoices into an immediate cash injection.

It’s time to Power your business

Turn invoices into cash to strengthen your cash flow, meet day-to-day outgoings and grow faster.

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