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Access all of your funds in one place

Business finance, working capital and supplier payments can get very messy. Especially when you’re dealing with multiple funding sources, bank and payment systems.

Simplify it all by leveraging your existing funding sources to pay suppliers via our secure platform. Welcome to our Digital Wallet from Octet.

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Keep your information safe and secure

Protect your data and transactions with our anti-fraud security, set to global banking standards. It’s perfect if your supplier won’t accept your American Express, Visa or Mastercard, or you don’t want to share your credit card details with a new business partner – not to mention that you can avoid paying international card transaction fees!

Simply load your Digital Wallet with your funding sources, and your supplier receives their payment from us, none the wiser about how you paid.

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Pay with your existing funding sources

Our Digital Wallet is the perfect solution for paying suppliers who don’t offer secure credit card payment facilities. Load your Digital Wallet with existing funding sources, including bank accounts, credit and debit cards and Octet Finance solutions, for secure one-click payments and purchases.

Plus, leverage your existing funding sources’ rewards programs and interest-free periods to give you even more control.

Easy one-click payment or purchase for local and international transactions

Make a single, one-click payment authorisation within the platform, knowing we’ll handle the rest. We’ll take care of everything from purchasing FX at bank-beating rates to settlement, and paying your supplier in their invoice currency for international payments.

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Access extra funds through our powerful Trade Finance facility

Add on our powerful Trade Finance facility to access a revolving line of credit with up to 60 days interest-free and 120 days for repayment. Use it for both local and international transactions in any of 15 currencies.

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Make the most of Debtor Finance

Attach our Debtor Finance facility to your Digital Wallet to access up to 85% of the value of your unpaid invoices. Then use those funds to pay suppliers directly from our payments platform, draw down in cash or bolster your Trade Finance availability to fund local or international purchases.

More about Debtor Finance

How Digital Wallet powers JasonL

“We want to have showrooms in each major city and be the go-to office furniture supplier. Octet is a partner for the journey of our business life. It’s definitely an ace up our sleeve, whenever we need it. As the business grows I have no doubt we’ll have Octet there.”

Marc Levin, Co-founder and CFO
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Power to fund your business growth

  • Give yourself options. Link up a variety of funding sources for secure purchase and payment power
  • Go global. Pay your suppliers in over 72 countries
  • One-click payments. We take care of the hard work for you: just click, and we pay your suppliers the same day, in their choice of 15 currencies
  • Empower your business. Leverage your supply chain with our integrated Debtor Finance and Trade Finance solution
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