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Experience the certainty ofSecure supply chain transactions

As an SME, you conduct most of your business transactions by phone or email. And often, you have multiple transactions occurring simultaneously. That can make it hard to keep track of all the vital documentation: commercial invoices, bills of lading, airway bills…

Our Supply Chain Management tool makes tracking, validating and authorising every step of your transactions simple.

It takes the hassle out of managing your supply chain.

Centralise Supply Chain Management

Centralise your documentation

Our Supply Chain Management tool gives you clear visibility across each stage of a transaction and every purchasing document. No more information scattered randomly across email, messaging and paper notes.

Everything’s together, organised in one place to save you time and reduce confusion.

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Eliminate the language barrier

Avoid expensive – and potentially relationship-damaging – misunderstandings by easily communicating with your supplier in their own language.

Our Supply Chain Management tool is multilingual, so you and your supplier can each interact in your preferred languages.

Keep your transactions on track

See the status of every transaction at a glance. With no email-based negotiations, it becomes simple to find out where an order is, or authorise the next step, to keep a transaction moving.

Featured Pay suppliers

Pay suppliers in up to 15 currencies

Access competitive FX rates and make payments to 65 countries with our Supply Chain Management tool. Then close the working capital gap by having up to 120 days to repay us, if you pay using our Trade Finance solution.

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Leverage with unpaid invoices

Leverage the value of your unpaid invoices

Convert up to 85% of your invoices into cash with our Debtor Finance facility.

Then take advantage of early payment discounts by using the money to pay your suppliers immediately.

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What our partners say

“Octet assists in growing our business, strengthening our supplier relationships and driving sales. This is all part of the experience we receive and ultimately are empowered to control via their secure and intuitive supply-chain platform.

Our suppliers enjoy the consistency and transparency of each transaction, which has created a definite level of trust that enriches our relationship with them. Early payment discounts are an example of the benefits, as well as being able to procure more throughout the year.”


Power to simplify your supply chain

  • Streamline your supply chain. Store all the relevant documentation and correspondence together with each transaction to reduce confusion and give full visibility.
  • Reduce misunderstandings. Use the Supply Chain Management tool’s multilingual capabilities to communicate in your preferred language, while your supplier chooses their preferred language too.
  • Make transactions fast and efficient. Track, validate and authorise each step with ease.
  • Take advantage of payment flexibility. Pay your suppliers in the way that best suits your business using our digital wallet, with added Trade Finance and Debtor Finance solutions.
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