Power to scale Trade Finance

  • Set your own supplier trading terms with up to 60 days interest free and 120-day repayment terms.
  • Pay your domestic or international suppliers with built in market leading FX rates.
  • Custom-fit facilities from $100,000 to $12 million based on your business needs.
  • Track and manage the supply chain process via our innovative platform.
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Trade smarter Increase your
purchasing power

Power to go global

Accelerate business growth and strengthen relationships with local and international suppliers – without the cash flow challenges.

Our Trade Finance facility gives you access to a convenient, revolving line of credit to pay suppliers in over 65 countries. With upfront transparency of your AUD total and in a single click, authorise competitive FX payments to your suppliers’ choice of 15 global currencies.

Power to close the working capital gap

Our Trade Finance facility puts you in the driver’s seat with up to 120 day payment terms – empowering you to set your own trading terms and close your working capital gap.

We’ll custom-fit a Trade Finance facility based on your business needs from AUD 200,000 to AUD 7 million.

Power to diversify

Our Trade Finance facility gives you the flexibility to step outside the rigid process of the traditional banks. Diversify your working capital funding options and enable your business to scale and grow.

Power to partner

The best suppliers for your business don’t always offer the best payment terms. Don’t let full payment upfront or short payment terms keep you from doing business with the best.

Our Trade Finance line of credit means we pay your suppliers immediately, while you pay us back over time.

Trade Finance How it works

Submit your application

Complete our online form to get the ball rolling. It takes less than a minute.

We assess and approve

We’ll review your application and assess your information. If you’re successful, we’ll approve you with a facility limit.

Invite suppliers

Invite your suppliers to join our multilingual, secure cross-border payments platform

Start trading smarter

Start managing orders and authorising payments, while we look after the processing and settling of those payments.

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You may qualify for a Trade Finance facility of up to*


2.50% transaction fee with interest free period of up to

60 Days

Repayment terms for funded transactions of up to

120 Days

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Find out how you can utilise your existing credit cards to pay your domestic and international suppliers with cross-border payments.

For more information please contact a Trade Finance expert on 1300 862 838 to see how we can help.

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* This is an indication of the maximum trade finance facility for which you may be eligible, and not an offer. Transaction fee is indicative only, may vary depending upon your selected payment source and exclusive of GST.

Power to fund your business growth

  • Get funding with no need for real estate or personal asset security.
  • Improve cash flow and preserve cash in your business for longer.
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts from suppliers.
  • Enjoy reduced payment and corporate risks.
  • Receive 100% funding, including any deposit requirements.
  • Access competitive FX rates.
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A world ofbusiness

Our Trade Finance facility provides an unmatched 100%-of-invoice payment to your supplier. That makes it the smart choice across a range of business-to-business industries.

How Trade Finance powers JasonL

“We want to have showrooms in each major city and be the go-to office furniture supplier. Octet is a partner for the journey of our business life. It’s definitely an ace up our sleeve, whenever we need it. As the business grows I have no doubt we’ll have Octet there.”

Marc Levin, Co-founder and CFO
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Your Trade Finance questions answered

  • How can my business benefit from your Trade Finance facility?

    Waiting for clients to pay so you can pay your suppliers is a juggle.

    Our Trade Finance facility helps you to balance – satisfying both your suppliers’ needs with those of your own business. It maximises your supply chain opportunities by empowering you to pay your suppliers upfront through Trade Finance, paying us back over a more favourable term.

  • Does my business qualify?

    When you apply for Trade Finance, we’ll assess your application and approve it based on your individual circumstances. Generally speaking, your business needs:

    • to be domiciled in Australia
    • around AUD 5 million+ turnover
    • to have been profitable for the last 2-3 financial reporting periods
    • to have a positive balance sheet net worth.
  • How quickly will I be approved for funding?

    We know the world of business moves fast. And you need to be able to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. That’s why we strive to give you an indicative offer within 48 hours of applying.

  • Can I pay suppliers domestically and internationally?

    Yes. And not just for pre-sold goods.

    Once we’ve approved your Trade Finance facility, you can immediately start to transact with your suppliers across 65 countries.

    You can then authorise us to pay your suppliers via our cross-border payments platform in up to 15 different currencies.

  • Do I need to pay a deposit before any payment is made?

    No. We pay 100% of your supplier’s invoice. You then pay it back to us based on the agreed terms.

It’s time to Power your business

Trade Finance gives you the power to grow on your terms.

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