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Power to tradeSupply chain finance in the IT Hardware & Equipment industry

Are you juggling supplier payments while you wait for large contracts to be paid? Price wars and growing tablet competition are also significant concerns for the IT hardware and equipment industry.

The last thing you need is to worry about your cash flow too.

Our finance solutions for the IT hardware and equipment industry can help to unlock opportunities in your supply chain.

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Power to partner

You want to buy from the best suppliers…but they don’t always offer the best payment terms.

Don’t let having to pay in full or short payment terms keep you from doing business with the best.

Our Trade Finance facility empowers you to pay your suppliers immediately, then you repay us over time.

Global Security in IT Industry

Power of global security

As a technology business, you know just how important security is. When you join our platform, we’ll verify you and your suppliers against global banking standards.

We’ll also help you reduce your risk by securing the transaction, keeping your data safe and using anti-fraud technology.

Ultimately, we make global trade fast, safe and simple.

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Power to do business globally

Chances are, as an IT hardware business, you need to pay for goods and services upfront. That creates cash flow pressure and administrative headaches.

Our secure platform lets you make cross-border payments with your existing debit/credit cards, bank accounts or Octet Finance solutions. Plus, our bank-beating FX rates give you visibility over exactly what you’ll pay in your own currency. Meanwhile, your supplier gets paid in their choice of 15 currencies.

Powering the IT industry

Octet has all of your supply chain and business loan needs in one place. Now you can better manage your cash flow, grow your business and leverage global opportunities.

Increase your purchasing power

  • Increase your purchasing power
  • Enjoy up to 120-day repayment terms, and up to 60 interest-free days
  • Pay any deposit requirements on international orders
  • Access 100% funding
  • Potential to earn Qantas Points
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Relieve cash flow strain

  • Relieve cash flow strain
  • Access funding of up to 85% on unpaid invoices within 24 hours
  • Diversify your funding sources without relying on banks
  • Take advantage of a funding limit that grows with your business
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Increase your business cash flow

  • Increase your business cash flow
  • Extend your payment terms to 90 days
  • Enhance your financial metrics with off-balance-sheet funding
  • Avoid supply chain disruptions
  • Reduce your supplier’s liquidity risk
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Expand your business globally

  • Expand your business globally
  • Take advantage of bank-beating FX rates
  • Pay suppliers in 15 currencies anywhere around the world
  • Pay with your existing credit/debit cards, bank accounts and Octet Finance solutions
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Octet lets us trade with our international partners and secure better exchange rates than the big banks.

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