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Octet Europe – Power your Business into Europe

Blog By Duncan Khoury – 08 November 2019

Part of the Octet Network, Octet Europe can now help to power Australian businesses trade into Europe. Octet’s technology and methodology are well proven, having already been used by over 100,000 businesses across 65 countries, exceeding $2.5 billion in annual supply chain transactions.

Octet Europe is in a truly unique position to assist Australian businesses seeking to expand their horizons in this important trade zone via:

  1. procuring from European suppliers (using Octet Finance facilities or cards)
  2. exporting to European customers (who can also pay you by card via Octet)

Octet Europe can handle transactions in EURO and many of the other currencies of the EU members states, such as Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and Nordic countries.

European Union [EU] in brief:

  • 27 EU Member States
  • EU is 3rd largest trading partner for Australia
  • €45B annual bilateral trade between Australia and EU
  • More than half a billion consumers in the EU market

Please contact us at to help power your European market opportunities.