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WA food manufacturer – ‘baking in’ success

Case StudyClient stories By Duncan Khoury – 11 May 2020

The Scenario

This family-owned food and beverage company, established in 1954, manufactures food items for both the Australian and overseas markets. 

The business had an existing bank finance facility in place, however they needed an additional funding line that could pay specific suppliers on accelerated, industry-standard terms. They were keen to explore flexible and tailored finance options for the food industry they are so successful in. 

The Solution

The company approached Octet to discuss a solution that would meet their evolving needs.

Octet initially approved a $2.5 million Supply Chain Accelerate solution, based on the business’s long trading history and financial performance. 

This working capital solution increased the company’s cash flow enough to pay their suppliers on preferred terms, while also enjoying Octet’s extended repayment terms. Given the success of the initial implementation of the $2.5 million facility, the client has since raised their Octet facility to $4 million to enable increased purchasing of ingredients and engagement with additional suppliers in their supply chain. Octet’s Supply Chain Accelerate solution has eased the company’s cash flow pressures and decreased their risk of supply price increases and production delays. They are now well placed to weather any future industry disruptions.

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