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Case Study By Duncan Khoury – 01 October 2020

Sonja Pfitz runs Pfitz Financial & Business Solutions (PFBS), a commercial and business financing firm that services the SME sector. She’s been an Octet Referral Partner since 2017 and we’re proud to have such a strong relationship with her. 

We wanted to find out more about her experience as a Referral Partner, so Duncan Khoury, our Head of Marketing, joined her for a quick chat over Zoom. 


“Welcome Sonja. Thanks for taking the time to chat to us about your experience as an Octet Referral Partner. First up, tell us a bit about your business.”


“PFBS caters to a range of financial needs, particularly around working capital finance, cash flow challenges and funding for new business opportunities. 

Our clients are often looking to diversify their sources of finance. With more and more SMEs not seeing the service and flexibility they need with the traditional lenders, they turn to finance brokers like us. Our goal is to help SMEs not only survive, but thrive, especially in the current economic environment. Diversification should be a huge part of any pandemic contingency plan.


“That sounds great. And why did you then choose to partner with us here at Octet?”


“We put a strong focus on relationship building and providing ongoing value to our clients. It’s important we partner with providers who have the same approach. 

That’s why we chose Octet. It’s more than just the quality of financial solutions you provide; you’re also flexible, accessible and proactive. Your team really gets to know your partners and you work hard to cultivate a two-way relationship – which is exactly the way I like to work with my own clients.”


“You’re right. We enjoy getting to know our Referral Partners and working with them to help their clients grow. Speaking of which, there is a recent example of us working together in this way. Tell me about your experience on that deal.”


“Sure. It’s a great example. One of our largest clients has a number of companies within a broader group structure. Over the years, together, we’ve been able to deliver staggered funding solutions for each of the companies. Most recently, though, one of them was looking to make a quick acquisition and I’m so glad the Octet team stepped in to make it happen. 

You were highly engaged throughout the whole process and did everything you could to make it run smoothly. Plus the flexibility and responsiveness you brought to the table meant we could get the right financial solution over the line within the quick timeframe.”


“It’s always great to see those kinds of solutions come through. And tell us what else about being an Octet Referral Partner you enjoy?


“Becoming an Octet Referral Partner has been a huge benefit for my clients and my business, especially in 2020. Many of my clients have had to move quickly to capture new opportunities and Octet have been there every step of the way. You’ve been responsive, communicative and fundamental to supporting my clients’ businesses pivoting.

The Octet/Qantas Business Rewards Program is also an added benefit that’s given so much to my own business. For eligible finance facilities I settle, I earn Qantas Business Rewards Points. I can then redeem them for flights to see clients, car hire, hotels and more. These points have allowed me to reduce my business costs and, therefore, improve my cash flow. I’ve also been able to use the points to take our family on a holiday.

The Qantas Business Rewards Points are a welcome bonus to an already valuable business partnership.”

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