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NSW packaging business – supporting sustainable growth

Case Study By Duncan Khoury – 09 April 2021

The Scenario

This family owned packaging business has been operating in NSW for 21 years.

From humble beginnings, to building significant expertise and operations expanding from Australia to the US, Hong Kong and China, this innovative business has become a leading global brand for sustainable packaging products, whilst offering end-to-end solutions that have set new industry benchmarks.

The company was introduced to Octet by our strategic partner, Western Union Business Solutions, who currently utilise their services for foreign exchange risk management.

Having achieved a 20% increase in annual revenue, an opportunity arose to procure increased levels of raw materials from suppliers overseas. The additional funds would assist in supporting sustainable growth, with suppliers secure in the knowledge they would receive guaranteed payment in a timely manner


The Solution

To assess the company’s situation and recommend the best solution, Octet reviewed the relevant financial information and was able to provide an indicative funding proposal within 24 hours.

Octet ultimately delivered an unsecured $1M trade finance facility to supplement existing funding arrangements. Importantly, no property security or registered General Security Agreement (GSA) was required.

This solution enabled the business to transact with verified overseas suppliers via a revolving line of credit, benefitting from up to 60 days interest free and 120 days repayment terms. Western Union Business Solutions also allowed the company to utilise their existing foreign exchange contracts, whilst taking advantage of locked in rates.

With 2021 performance continuing on a strong trajectory, the business has been able to expand its operations further confident in the knowledge that they can manage increased orders through the availability of their Octet funding.

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