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QLD transport company – Clearing the road for success

Client stories By Duncan Khoury – 12 April 2021

The Scenario

Established in 2004, this Brisbane-based transport company with 1,600 employees is expanding its horizons. The business now includes a range of subsidiary companies, all servicing areas of freight, transport, civil maintenance and traffic management. 

A recent period of restructuring saw the need for quick access to cash flow to ensure the organisation’s growth could continue unrestricted.

As an unlisted public business in a turnaround phase, they relied on sophisticated investors to give them long-term support, together with NAB.


The Solution

Based on financial consultant advice, the company approached Octet to explore a cash flow solution. Due to the business’s established, 15-year successful trading record, Octet seized the opportunity to assist with a tailored $10m Debtor Finance facility limit and smaller $75k Trade Finance facility. 

This much-needed cash injection helped the company to reduce debt and stabilised its business operations. As a result, they are now in a better position to capitalise on opportunities they would have otherwise missed out on. The Debtor Finance facility has cleared the road for growth and success, putting the company back on track to reach its targeted annual turnover.

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