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Inside Small Business: What it takes to form a successful relationship with Chinese suppliers

In the media By Duncan Khoury – 06 January 2017

Brett Isenberg, GM of Octet Express, shared his thoughts on fostering relationships with Chinese suppliers, published in Inside Small Business. His ideas were supported by Daniella Menachemson, co-founder of B Seated, an Octet customer.

“Australia is China’s sixth largest trading partner, with 25 per cent of our manufactured imports originating from China. With the recent free trade agreement signed between the two countries, knowing how to establish and maintain fruitful business trade relationships with Chinese suppliers has become increasingly important for many Aussie small-business owners going forward.

But what factors should business owners be focusing on in order to foster this kind of relationship? Over the past seven years, I’ve seen strong buyer and supplier relationships form through the Octet platform, such as B Seated, an Australian commercial furniture company. Working with Daniella Menachemson, co-founder of B Seated, I’ve pulled together some recommendations for start-ups to consider when sourcing suppliers from China.”

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