Octet Platform

Cash flow and supply chain finance tools. Now for everyone.
Octet brings enterprise-grade cash flow and supply chain finance tools to small and medium businesses everywhere. Global banks and financial institutions use Octet to help their customers do business, minimising risk of fraud and increasing customer loyalty.

Through Octet, businesses can track, validate and authorize each step of the supply chain process, from purchase orders to settlement, all in their own language. It simplifies supplier payments and helps businesses pay for goods without worrying about what the supplier accepts and how they work.


Octet helps banks and financial institutions reduce risk of fraud and money laundering by ensuring a verified, transparent supply chain for business customers. It modernises and speeds up the transaction process, eradicating the old way of negotiating and transacting.

  • Global

    Help your business customers manage transactions with domestic and international suppliers

  • Secure

    Keep your customers’ data safe with anti-fraud security with global bank standards

  • Connected

    Enable your business customers to connect and transact with their suppliers globally

  • Visibility

    Track each step of the supply chain process, from purchase order to settlement

  • Multilingual

    Help business customers and their suppliers transact in their own language, with support for English, Turkish, Spanish and Mandarin.

  • Reduce risk

    Lower risk with credit assessment and approval check-ins

  • AML / KYC / ETS

    Protect business customers with global bank compliance and security standards

  • Funding options

    Give your customers flexible cash flow finance options from cash, loans and cards without their suppliers being aware of the funding source

  • Foreign exchange

    Offer real-time foreign exchange fees at point of transaction

  • Underwriting

    Use Octet’s comprehensive underwriting program, or add your own policies

  • Additional Modules

    Provide your business customers with a broad array of cash flow and supply chain financing products, including debtor financing, secured asset financing and unsecured financing options

  • Integration

    Deeply integrate the platform into your banking systems or isolate it for additional security

Plug in. Turn on.

Octet enables banks and other financial institutions to extend their reach to new and existing business customers

Integrate with your systems

Octet is available in the cloud or dedicated infrastructure as a turnkey solution that offers you the level of connection you want to your existing banking and financial service systems, backed by global security standards. Deeply integrate Octet with your existing business customer base or provide a siloed product to new customers.


Qualify customer and supplier

Octet is built on transparency and security so you know who your businesses are buying from. All businesses and suppliers are pre-vetted under Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Economic Trade Sanctions (ETS) processes to lower risk and improve visibility into the transaction process.


Facilitate transaction

Once onboarded, business customers can initiate transactions with a supplier of their choice. All supporting documentation, from purchase order through to settlement, is stored on the Octet platform so you have full visibility across the supply chain process for your customers.


Monetise transaction

Octet takes care of the transaction to the supplier, so it’s easier to enable any payment method for your business customer. Offer your customers loan facilities, new credit cards or more rewards points, in the knowledge the money will be spent on your customers’ business. It’s a win-win.


Reap the rewards

A happy customer is a loyal customer. By helping your businesses negotiate, transact and pay their suppliers through Octet, you can ensure they will keep coming back for more. Connect your business customers into the Octet network and allow them to connect and transact with their suppliers globally.

How Octet adds value

  • Track, validate and authorize each step of the supply chain process, and maintain global supplier relationships safely, securely and efficiently
    Global supplier network

    Become part of the Octet network and access a community of more than 10,000 global suppliers

    Reduce admin

    Manage your workflow by storing all your documents in the cloud, access on all devices

    Free up cash flow

    Use existing or new payment sources to finance your cash flow, and leave your overdraft untouched

    Competitive foreign exchange

    Access sharp foreign exchange rates in real-time at point of settlement for discounted foreign change

    Secure payment information

    Keep your payment information secure and hidden from suppliers — the platform handles the payment for you

    Reap discounts and reward points

    Negotiate early settlement discounts with suppliers and access valuable reward points on your credit card

  • The Octet supply chain financing platform enables banks and other financial institutions to deliver increased efficiency and security in the supply chain to business customers.
    Create new revenue streams

    Earn additional revenue from customers through transactions, FX, credit cards and loan facilities

    Generate new business

    Access businesses of all sizes on the platform with enterprise-grade supply chain tools

    Improve client relationships

    Provide value for customers with an innovative solution to manage global suppliers, saving valuable time and freeing up cash flow

    Greater cash flow visibility

    Monitor transaction flows and related documents from purchase order to final payment and settlement

    Prevent fraud

    Offer a secure, online supply chain platform to track, validate and authorize each step of the supply chain

    Easy integration

    Customize and access a sophisticated supply chain platform with minimal software development and no sign up costs

  • Simplify the way you trade and sell in more than 60 countries around the world through the Octet platform.
    Get paid immediately

    Receive payment as soon as the order is authorized and settled. No more waiting for clearance.

    Accept more payments

    Allow buyers to pay you with their chosen method — the Octet platform handles all payments and fees

    Secure transactions

    Trust in a closed community of pre-qualified buyers to lower risk of fraud

    Reduce costs

    Streamline payments, fees and reduce risk of bad debts with pre-qualified buyers


    Don’t let language be a barrier and prevent miscommunication — Octet works in English, Mandarin, Turkish and more

    Speed up settlement

    Minimise paperwork by storing all documentation securely in the cloud, accessible any time, on any device.

Octet has supported over 100,000 transactions worth in excess of $2 billion across more than 72 countries.

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