Octet Supply Chain Finance Platform

The supply chain finance platform that helps you negotiate, transact and pay, all in one place

Free, enterprise-grade supply chain finance tools for any business

The Octet platform gives you the same power as major companies, so you can get a leg up in your supply chain. Built by a team of global finance professionals, the Octet supply chain finance platform is designed to give you ultimate control over the entire process, from purchase order through to payment and delivery.

Take back your supply chain finance with the Octet platform.

Used by major banks and businesses,
all over the world

The Octet platform is a globally recognised supply chain finance platform used by banks and financial institutions around the world. With Octet, you can tap into the same tools used by major businesses to get a leg up, track, validate and authorize each step of the supply chain, with full document visibility and any payment option, from cash to cards and loans.

What would you like to do?

Join the platform

We use bank-level security processes to reduce risk for buyers and suppliers

Exchange documents

Send purchase orders, invoices and proofs all online so you can validate and authorize the entire chain

Choose your funding

Choose an Octet loan, your bank accounts and overdraft or credit cards — or even pool all three

Authorize payment

Tap into real-time foreign exchange rates when paying global suppliers. Authorize your payment and you’re done


Enter the bank details of any supplier, even if they’re not on the Octet network.

Choose your funding

Tap into an Octet Finance lending facility, a bank overdraft or credit card, or pool them together.

Authorize payment

Click authorize, and go.

Watch how the Octet Platform works

With the Octet Platform, you can...

Go global with your supply chain

Pay anyone, anywhere

Manage your transactions with more than 30,000 members from 100 countries on the Octet network

Real-time foreign exchange

Get the best foreign exchange rates in real-time when paying global suppliers to get the best deal on your global transactions

Do business in your language

The Octet platform has support for more than 5 languages so nothing is lost in translation

Enterprise tools in your hands

Negotiate and pay, safely

Keep your data and transactions safe with anti-fraud security backed by global bank standards

See everything in your supply chain

Track, validate and authorize each step of your supply chain process, from purchase order to settlement

Get more benefits

Get rewarded for doing business

Get Qantas Business Reward points whenever you use an Octet loan to pay your suppliers through the Octet platform

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