Octet Express

Pay suppliers locally and around the world quickly, using your existing credit cards and grow your business today


Stop wasting your credit card limit

Each month your credit card lies dormant, waiting for the next Christmas party. Imagine if you could put those thousands of dollars to use, to pay suppliers and grow your business.

Use your business’ most powerful tool:
your credit card

Stop waiting on lengthy loan approvals. Your credit card is good for more than just travel and entertainment. With Octet Express, you can tap into your existing credit limits to pay suppliers around the world, without costly foreign currency exchange fees. Earn valuable reward points and grow your business today.

How Octet Express works


Join the Octet network and get approved for finance in less than 5 minutes


Choose your credit card, or pool with an Octet loan and bank overdraft.


Enter your supplier’s details, even if they’re not on the Octet network. Pay now and get your goods faster.

Watch how Octet Express works

With Octet Express, you can...

  • Pay suppliers today to get discounts

    Use your existing credit limit, or multiple credit cards, to purchase what you need. Negotiate early payment discounts with suppliers and still get credit on your terms.

  • Tap into competitive FX rates

    Access sharp rates from multiple foreign exchange partners straight from the Octet platform in real-time, and get the best rate on global payments at time of payment.

  • Earn valuable reward points

    Earn points for every dollar you spend with your credit cards through Octet Express. Combine your credit cards with an Octet loan and you can double your reward points.

How it compares

Get the right finance for your supply chain faster, and use it more places than traditional options


Octet Express

Alternative Finance

Trade Finance



5 minutes

5 minutes

1 month

5 minutes


Instantly with your own credit cards

Up to 5 days

60 days

Up to 5 days


Up to 2.50% per transaction
Up to 55 days interest free

12 - 40% p.a

2.5 - 6% per 60 days

Cost to buyer: up to 3%
Cost to seller: 3 - 4%

Foreign exchange

Real-time, competitive FX rates



2 - 3%

Platform and dynamic discounting

Pay suppliers early and get a discount





Card loyalty programs



Card loyalty programs





Do it all with the
Octet supply chain platform

Pay any supplier, anywhere with the Octet platform and get complete visibility over your entire supply chain. Exchange documents and track, validate and authorize each step of the chain, all online. Choose and pool your funding sources — from credit cards to loans or overdrafts — to pay transactions and negotiate early settlement discounts to get the best deal.

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Unlock the potential of an Octet facility for your business


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Is cash flow hurting your business?

Are cash flow problems stopping you from growing?

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Is cash flow hurting your business?

Are cash flow problems stopping you from growing?

We explore major sources of finance for Australian SMEs and startups in this paper.

Find out what financing source best suits your business

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