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Business Insider: 8 business executives share their thoughts on the way forward under a Trump presidency

In the media By Duncan Khoury – 10 November 2016

Brett Isenberg, General Manager at Octet, shares his thoughts with Business Insider on how Trump’s election would affect Australia from an economic standpoint.

Economically speaking, Trump has made it very clear his two major focuses are to streamline US taxes into 3 brackets, effectively giving tax breaks to the top and bottom brackets, and bring back manufacturing back to continental US. Trump even alluded to the fact that he would like to see companies like Apple manufacture locally, weighing up the introduction of import tariffs to enforce this.

Tech manufacturers tend to rely on lean supply chains, offshoring and heavy outsourcing to keep both expenses down and spread the risk of IP being stolen, so the introduction of import tariffs may put some serious pressure on them.

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