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Octet is a turnkey supply chain financing solution for banks and other financial institutions. Enable your business customers to negotiate, transact and pay domestic and global suppliers in the cloud. Track, validate and authorize each step of the supply chain, with full document visibility and any payment option, from cash to cards and loans.

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How Octet helps your business customers pay their suppliers

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Both your business customers and their suppliers are vetted against global banking standards, reducing risk and securing the transaction.


Exchange purchasing documents

Your business customers and their suppliers can upload supporting documents, from purchase order to invoice to proof of delivery into the Octet platform. All documents are available at your fingertips so that you have full visibility while your business customers and their suppliers can validate and authorize each step of the process.


Authorize payment

Let your business customers use the payment method suited to them, from cash to credit cards and loan facilities. Pool payment methods to pay single transactions, syndicate lending capabilities and offer real-time foreign exchange feeds.


Reap the benefits

Suppliers are paid immediately, enabling your business customers to negotiate early settlement discounts. With faster and more efficient transactions, business customers will keep coming back for more.

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Over 30,000 B2B transactions made over Octet across more than 73 countries, including China and India.